2016 – The Move to the Fall!!

Another year has come and gone, and now APHNYS is moving to the fall.  Our long awaited changes to our schedule are now in place.  Shortly, we will announce the full schedule for the fall annual meeting of APHNYS being held in Syracuse in September.  We are running 6 months ahead on our planning, and will create a full-written program for the conference for all to see.  APHNYS is happy to be cooperating with the New York State Family History Conference as we anticipate 600 participants at the conference.  150 of those will be APHNYS members and attendees working to continue our efforts to create a strong network of historians from across the state.

APHNYS has been working diligently to ensure that the State Historian position, left vacant by the retirement of Bob Weible, will be filled.  As I write this message, the officials are now in the final stages of a search process to find that replacement.  We continue to pledge our support to continue our good relationships with all of the agencies involved in history and heritage in the state.  We have found that cooperation is much better than fighting over turf in a field that has seen dwindling resources and staff over that last decade.

The APHNYS board and our coordinators have been working to create strong regional meetings to be held in the spring of 2016.  They have also been working to ensure that we will have an excellent conference in 2017 in the Hudson River area, and an engaged conference in Rochester in 2018.  There is exciting news on the horizon for both of those conferences, and we will spread the word on exact dates and locations as soon as both negotiations are completed.

The fall 2016 conference looks to be one of our most exciting yet, as the APHNYS attendees can attend any of the sessions that both groups are offering.  Imagine over 30 sessions packed full of content and information, plus a great exhibit and vendors area representing the best in the history field.

If you haven’t joined APHNYS yet, or stopped a while back, please consider becoming a member of APHNYS and join in on a great opportunity to learn and grow as a professional.  And to all, welcome to a great 2016.

Gerry Smith, President