Regional Coordinators

APHNYS has broken the state into twelve regions based on population and geographic boundaries.

These regions each have a regional coordinator and deputy coordinator whose responsibilities are to provide at least one meeting in the fall of each year. These meetings allow historians to learn, network and grow in their abilities as historians. Often these are the only meetings some historians can financially attend. Training can take many forms, and regional meetings will continue to play a vital part of the APHNYS system.


Region 1: Sharon Wilkins, Manhattan Deputy Historian,

Region 2: Zachary Studenroth, Town of Southampton,

Region 3: William Tatum III, Dutchess County Historian,

Region 4: Ray LaFever, Town of Bovina Historian,

Co-Regional Coordinators for Region 2. Howard Kroplick, Town of North Hempstead at the driver’s wheel, and Zachary Studenroth, Town of Southampton in the passenger seat at the Regional Meeting on April 16, 2016. The 1909 Alco Black Beast is owned by Howard Kroplick. For more information, see

Region 5: Lauren Roberts, Saratoga County Historian,

Region 6: Eliza Jane Darling, Hamilton County Historian,

Region 7: Richard Williams, Town of Kirkland Historian,

Here’s the latest APHNYS Region Seven newsletter

Region 8: Justin White, Oswego County Historian,

Region 9: Matthew Urtz, Madison County Historian,

Region 10: Rose Tucker, Town of Groton Historian, 

Region 11: Peter Evans, Wayne County Historian,

Region 12: Joe Marren, Town of Colden Historian,