The Membership form for 2018 is now available here.

Membership is essential to continue the mission of APHNYS.  We encourage the officials of each municipality to pay for the dues for your membership in our organization, as they do for many other officials.  Our dues structure is based upon your community’s population as it was reported in the 2010 census. The APHNYS Membership Year goes from January 1 through December 31.

Please notice that we have a new mailing address for mailing of payments since the beginning of 2017. Be sure to inform the person who writes the checks from your community to update their computer addresses before processing the payment check.

Our payment address is: APHNYS P.O. Box 251 Vestal, NY 13851 .

If you have any questions, contact APHNYS President Rose Tucker at or contact Treasurer Margaret Hadsell at