Registered Historians

The APHNYS Registered Historians program is looking for a few good historians to participate. Nothing says honor and distinction than being recognized by both your fellow historians and your own municipality as a registered historian. Over the last few years, an increasingly larger number of historians have become registered with APHNYS. These historians have shown their commitment to their own profession and their area by performing all the duties of the job.

The APHNYS Registered Historians Committee has streamlined the process. Here’s the PDF of the APHNYS Registered Historian Application form. Take the time to read the form fully, and add the requested supporting material. The deadline submission for this program is August 1, 2018.

Our address for mailing completed packets is:
Attn: Registered Historians Program
PO Box 55
Groton, NY 13073

Or, better yet, scan the application and documentation and send us a PDF of the file to streamline the process!

Take the time to look over the program. It denotes those who truly strive to promote excellence in history. Those who complete the program will be recognized at the 2017 Conference in Poughkeepsie with a certificate and a special Registered Historians pin.

Here’s the current list of APHNYS Registered Historians as of November 2017, which you can search using Ctrl+F.