Fall and History are Upon Us

Aphlogo During November a number of things are going on simultaneously — we are out raking up the leaves as the temperature drops.

Maybe we are preparing to buy the holiday gifts well ahead of the crowd.  Or maybe you are planning an event as part of New York State History Month.  Yes, November is the official month that recognizes the importance of the history and heritage of our state.

We have just added the logo and new page to this website.  If you have an event planned and want it listed on our webpage, please send us an e-mail to aphnys@yahoo.cNYS History Month001om.  We will list the events on the History Month page for all to see.

APHNYS is also making the move to commemorate this month.  Our board will be meeting in Albany on November 14, and that is one item on a very long agenda.  Planning conferences for the next three years, and making the move of our annual conference back to the fall of each year is part of that process.

Next year’s conference is April 9-12, 2015 in Corning at the Radisson.  There is a Hold the Date page and Conference Proposal Form on this website.  Plus you can also find them in  our August newsletter which is also on our newsletter page.

We are working diligently to make APHNYS the organization that we know it can be — we are partnering with many other historical groups to help broaden the experience for many levels of audience about New York and its proud heritage.

You will hear more about these efforts as they become available,

Gerry Smith, President